Kayak Mainline Episode 4: Boater Shot in the Butt, Solo Kayak Atlantic Crossing

Episode 4 of Kayak Mainline is posted and ready to roll. We decided to push this one out the door early rather then waiting for our usual two week break mainly because it was all done and sitting there so why not?

This week on the Mainline we investigate the story of the canoeist who shot a power boater in the butt because waves tipped his canoe over. We also learn about the whitewater kayaker who got injured in a landslide triggered by the helicopter who was there to rescue him. Finally, did you know some guy is solo paddling across the Atlantic Ocean right now in a double kayak? We figure out what he is doing and discover more about his boat.

Oh yeah, we bring in our kayak fitness expert, Erik Ogaard from Toronto and try to get fit by osmosis over the phone.

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